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CYBONET's Global Support Center is the pride of our company. We are committed to excellence and to providing the best possible support to our partners and their customers.

RBL Test

  • Email spammers are increasingly turning to high-tech tricks (viruses and worms) that let them take control of computers remotely and turn them into unwitting spamming machines (called zombies).
  • Up to 80% of all spam originates from spam zombies.
  • Because DNS-based blacklists typically look only at the IP address of the sending machine, spammers are now using these zombie armies to attack from dozens of different machines, thereby increasing the likelihood of finding a machine that is not yet blacklisted.
  • CYBONET's unique detection system has the ability to identify zombies (also known as email botnets) and block them in real-time, thus reducing bandwidth and improving performance.




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